Photo: Embassy of Denmark, Bangladesh.Photo: Embassy of Denmark, Bangladesh

Nordic Football Cup 2014

Last updated: 03.11.2014 // On November 1st 2014, employees from the Norwegian, Danish and Swedish embassies met for the first Nordic Football Cup ever held in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The event, hosted by the Royal Norwegian Embassy, had mixed teams from the three embassies. The teams were divided into two groups of four teams each.

After an exciting group stage and semi-finals, “FC København” eventually secured victory after a thrilling final against “Muhammadan”.

Gold medals were awarded to the winning team, as well as a prize to the embassy that had mobilized the highest percentage of employees as players.

Afterwards a delicious barbeque lunch was enjoyed in high spirits by both players and spectators, under the shade of the beautiful mango trees at the Nordic Club, which was the venue of the event.

All participants contributed to making the day a joyous celebration of Nordic and Bangladeshi togetherness, cooperation and sportsmanship.

It is our wish that the Nordic Football Cup will become an annual event for the three Nordic embassies in Dhaka.

Hoping to see equally many happy faces again for the Nordic Football Cup 2015!


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