Business Delegation: Norwegian Companies to Bangladesh

Last updated: 30.08.2012 // The Embassy of Norway is proud to announce that a delegation of ten Danish and two Norwegian companies are coming to visit Bangladesh in the period 9th-13th of September 2012. What follows is a short presentation of the two Norwegian companies that will participate in the delegation.

The objective of the 2012 delegation is to introduce the Danish and Norwegian companies to relevant local companies in order to explore possibilities for setting up long-term partnerships where Nordic knowledge and investments will be combined with local expertise and manpower skills. Bangladeshi companies interested in meeting with the Norwegian and Danish companies need to fill inn a company profile. This is to be found at the homepage of the Danish Embassy,, as well is information about the Danish companies visiting. Following is a short presentation of the two Norwegian companies that will participate in the delegation:


Vaccination of Salmon. Pharmaq factory in Overhalla, Norway. Vaccination of Salmon. Pharmaq factory in Overhalla, Norway.



PHARMAQ is recognized as the world's leading pharmaceutical company specializing in aquaculture where the main products are vaccines for farmed fish. PHARMAQ is a Norwegian company, owned by private equity firms and employees; it has its administration and R&D in Oslo, while the manufacturing of the vaccines is in Overhalla, Norway. Internationally PHARMAQ is represented through its subsidiaries in Chile, United Kingdom, Vietnam and Turkey, in other markets PHARMAQ is represented by a network of distributors and wholesalers.

PHARMAQ launched the first vaccine in Norway in 1987. Since that time, we have with continuous improvement and launching of new products contributed to the eradication of the use of antibiotics in farmed salmon in Norway. Vaccines have been one of the most important drivers for the growth and sustainability of the salmon aquaculture. Today approximately all salmon are vaccinated. In addition to reducing the mortality, vaccines improve the environment and securing safe food.

PHARMAQ is now in the implementation phase of vaccine against Edwardsiella ictaluri to pangasius in Vietnam. We do also have R&D activities on development of vaccines for tilapia and other species. During the implementation of vaccination for pangasius in Vietnam we have demonstrated that vaccination is fully feasible and can be done also for freshwater fish produced in ponds.

Key business ideas for collaboration

PHARMAQ has the competence and knowhow to develop vaccines for new species also in the South East Asia region. We are committed to support the aquaculture industry to become more sustainable and to secure safe food for the future generations. We are now looking the partners for R&D and business in aquatic animal health on vaccines and none vaccine products.



New receiving system and individual grading. New receiving system and individual grading.



MMC focuses on four main areas:

•          Fishing vessels

•          Well boats

•          Shore plants fish industry

•          Refrigeration and energy plants

MMC provides systems and equipment to ensure the best fish quality from sea to processing. MMC is a very innovative company, and together with our customers we develop processes and equipment to the industry worldwide. MMC have made R&D projects for the amount of some 9 mill USD since 2004. MMC holds 4 major patents within fish handling technology.

Key business ideas for collaboration

MMC has been a key collaborating partner in the development of the processes and equipment used in the fisheries- and fish farming industry worldwide. MMC wish to identify potential customers, and together analyze the possibilities for added value through new processes and equipment in the different projects.



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