Make me a match, catch me a catch

Last updated: 12.12.2011 // Norwegian businesses visited Bangladesh in search for cross-border ventures through Innovation Norway’s Business Matchmaking Program (BMMP).

Aquaculture firm Storvik Biofloc and solar energy supplier Getek met selected Bangladeshi companies after “matching” profiles were blinked out through the BMMPs partner search service. The visit and meetings with potential partners constitute the third out of a four-stage process in the BMMP, which provides logistical, economic and market research support with the aim to facilitate sustainable and profitable ventures between Norwegian and Bangladeshi enterprises. 

Practicing matchmaking: Getek in meeting with clientsPracticing matchmaking: Getek in meeting with clients

Accompanied by Åsa Sildnes from Innovation Norway and Tazeen Choudhury, project manager for BMMP at the Norwegian Embassy, each of the companies held talks with 15 to 20 pre-screened firms in five days, exchanging company profiles, gaining market information and envisaging potential critical paths in establishing projects.

The companies described the visit as highly constructive in terms of learning more about the challenges and opportunities in Bangladesh and to get an overview of the market. Both are now in the process of following up contacts and opportunities.

The delegation from Storvik Biofloc scouted various fish farming sites in MymensinghThe delegation from Storvik Biofloc scouted various fish farming sites in Mymensingh

 -Bangladesh presents exciting business opportunities. We target companies with competence and technology relevant for the country and with the commitment and resources to implement the initiatives, says Sildnes who is the contact point for the program in Norway.

The purpose of the BMMP, through appropriate matches, is to foster profitable value creation, transfer of technology and employment in the receiving country. For Norwegian firms, particularly those in an early stage of internationalization, the program is attractive for exploring a highly cost competitive and rapidly growing Bangladeshi market.

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